CSRC Research on California's Youth and Young Adults

The following reports were published as part of CSRC community-engaged research projects focused on supporting community activism among California youth and young adults. All reports were co-authored or supervised by Veronica Terriquez, CSRC director and professor of urban planning and Chicana/o and Central American studies.

By Kennedy McIntyre
June 2024
By Veronica Terriquez and Angelica Quintana
December 2023
By Veronica Terriquez and Steven Carmona Mora
September 2023
By Veronica Terriquez, Alyssa Cazares, and Jose Negrete
October 2022 
By Veronica Terriquez and Jazmine Miles
August 2022
Working Paper: Educating Toward a Multiracial Democracy in California
By John Rogers, Erica Hodgin, Joseph Kahne, and Veronica Terriquez
June 2022
By Veronica Terriquez and Josefina Flores Morales
March 2022
By Veronica Terriquez, Ángel Mendiola Ross, Olivia Rodriguez, Jazmine Miles, and Rocio Aguayo
Summer 2021