Working Paper: "Educating Toward a Multiracial Democracy in California"

The CSRC announces Educating Toward a Multiracial Democracy in California (June 2022), a working paper co-authored by John Rogers, Erica Hodgin, Joseph Kahne, and Veronica Terriquez. The paper is published by UCLA’s Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access (IDEA) in partnership with the Civic Engagement Research Group at UC Riverside and the CSRC.

Introduction: California is home to more than 9 million precious children and youth who—through their diverse identities, languages, and experiences—embody extraordinary potential. As a state, we must provide rich opportunities for young people to understand and tap into these cultural resources. We have a responsibility to enhance their creative and intellectual capabilities and foster their respect for and deep connection to one another and the land that sustains us all. And, because young people today face heightened political division and unprecedented social and environmental challenges, it is imperative that they develop the civic skills and commitments necessary to build complex alliances, address shared problems and envision a more promising future. In short, we must educate toward a multiracial democracy.

The report is available as a PDF below, and for download from the UCLA Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access.