Research is the heart of the CSRC. RESEARCH THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

Support for CSRC research projects comes from external gifts and grants, university programs, and direct CSRC funding. The CSRC initiates in-house research projects and community partnerships and provides grant support for faculty and graduate students from a range of departments across the campus. A number of the in-house projects have broken new ground in their respective fields: sociology, public health, education, media studies, art history, immigration rights, border issues, and women’s rights.

In addition, the CSRC hosts fellowship programs through the Institute of American Cultures and the Inter-University Program for Latino Research.

The CSRC also hosts numerous archival projects as part of our commitment to preserve the rich and diverse history of the Chicana/o and Latina/o communities for future research, classroom instruction, and the public at large.

The CSRC Press regularly publishes reports and briefs of current research supported by the CSRC. 

Scholars interested in obtaining CSRC research grants or who wish to be in residence at the CSRC may review the opportunities listed here.