Faculty Associates

Faculty Associates represent the Institutional FTEs that are allocated to the CSRC but appointed in traditional departments. They excel in their scholarship, administrative service, and community service, and have been pivotal in expanding the Chicano studies curriculum and overall student enrollment within their departments, including the number of advanced students conducting research in Chicano studies as well as enrollments in ethnic studies courses. Faculty Associates serve on the Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC).
The current Faculty Associates (with start year) are:
Amada Armenta (2018-19) - Urban Planning
José Loya (2020-21) - Urban Planning
Steven Loza (1984-85) - Ethnomusicology
Fernando M. Torres-Gil (1992-93) - Social Welfare and Public Policy
Arturo Vargas-Bustamante (2008-09) - Health Policy and Management
Edit Villarreal (1987-1988) - Theater