New LES Report: Comparing Citizen Status of Latino and Asian Baby Boomers

Latinos and Economic Security (LES), a research unit at the UCLA Center for Policy Research on Aging, released an infographic today showing current findings in the U.S. naturalization rate of Latinos and Asians from the baby boomer generation. The CSRC has been a partner in LES for eight years.

The infographic shows the change in the Latino and Asian baby boomer populations since 1980, broken down by citizenship status. The researchers concluded, "Naturalization, the process by which immigrants become U.S. citizens, has been linked to both civic engagement and economic security. In so far as these are benefits to both the individual and larger society, it is important to put policies in place that encourage naturalization for Latino immigrants at a rate close to or at that of Asian immigrants."

The infographic is attached here as a PDF. For more information, visit the LES website.