New on CSRC Post! "Shining a Light on 'Immersive Distancing: Carmen Argote and Zeynep Abes'"

In anticipation of the opening of Immersive Distancing: Carmen Argote and Zeynep Abes at the Los Angeles Art Show (LAAS), July 29 through August 1 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, read a preview on the CSRC Post of the exhibition and some background about the artists and their work. The exhibition, curated by Chon A. Noriega for the CSRC, is part of this year’s LAAS DIVERSEartLA program, which will showcase women and nonbinary artists whose practice intersects with art, science, and technology. Immersive Distancing comprises two installations: Last Light, by established artist Carmen Argote, and Memory Place, by emerging artist Zeynep Abes. Both artists are based in Los Angeles and are graduates of UCLA, and both created their work during the first lockdown of the pandemic.

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Image: Carmen Argote, walking and searching in Los Angeles. Digital photograph, 2020. Image courtesy of the artist.