MEDIA: "The ARTnews Accord: Curators Rita Gonzalez and Mari Carmen Ramirez Talk Supporting Latin American and Latinx Art"

Rita Gonzalez, head of contemporary art at LACMA and former CSRC arts project coordinator, and Mari Carmen Ramirez, curator of Latin American art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, director of the International Center for the Arts of the Americas, and co-curator of the CSRC-organized exhibition Home—So Different, So Appealing (2017–18), discuss supporting Latin American and Latinx Art during and after the pandemic. The discussion mentions Home and the exhibition Phantom Sightings: Art after the Chicano Movement (2008), which was curated by Gonzalez, Howard Fox, and CSRC director Chon A. Noriega.

ARTnews, February 23, 2021