Jean Guerrero Joins Latina Futures as Senior Journalism Fellow

June 18, 2024
Kacey Bonner
Jean Guerrero Joins Latina Futures as Senior Journalism Fellow
The Latina Futures 2050 Lab announced today the addition of Jean Guerrero as a senior journalism fellow. Guerrero, a seasoned journalist and author, brings her extensive experience and passion for empowering the Latina community to her new role. A former columnist at the Los Angeles Times and now a contributing opinion writer at The New York Times, Guerrero will leverage this new position to create strategies that amplify Latina voices and narratives so often marginalized in mainstream media. 
“Latinas are often reduced to one dimension in news media and rarely celebrated for our strengths and complexities,” Guerrero said. “I aim to determine how best to counter these reductive narratives and foreground our community’s full humanity and diversity.”
With a proven record of journalism that recognizes Latinos and their needs, Guerrero’s experience aligns with Latina Futures’ mission to empower Latinas and ensure their voices are heard and represented through nuanced and multifaceted portrayals. 
Veronica Terriquez, Director of the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center, expressed her enthusiasm for Guerrero’s new role: “Jean Guerrero’s contributions to journalism have been immense, and her commitment to empowering Latinas in journalism is vital, especially during this time when newsrooms are shrinking and diversity initiatives are being attacked. Her work with Latina Futures not only enriches our community but fortifies our democracy by ensuring perspectives representative of the entire country are heard.”
“A strong future for the United States requires the participation of every community, especially in leadership positions,” Guerrero emphasized. “As so many of us face unprecedented attacks based on nothing more than superficial characteristics, it is imperative to have our voices in leadership to empower our communities and open the doors of prosperity to all.”
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