CSRC Newsletter - January 2004

CSRC Newsletter Volume 2, Number 5

Director's Message

Happy New Year! This month the center gets underway with its second faculty search, hosts a meeting of Latino faculty and administrators from across the University of California system, and gets ready to launch its Frontera Collection web site with over 15,000 Spanish-language recordings from the first half of the twentieth century. And that's just the start. The center also announces two grant programs for UCLA faculty and graduate students and sponsors a new internship in public and community relations for UCLA students. We're even looking for more student interns and research assistants at the center! So read on.
As you can imagine, we have a heavy schedule for 2004. Look ahead for a Latino arts summit in February and conferences on "Chicano Ethnomusicology" and "Race and Independent Media" in the spring.
Chon A. Noriega, Director and Professor


Visiting Scholar wins award
Robert Romero, Ph. D, visiting scholar at the center, won the Hubert Herring Award for best dissertation of 2003, for his work "The Dragon in Big Lusong: Chinese Immigration and Settlement in Mexico, 1882-1940." This award is conferred by the Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies.
Second Search Underway
The UCLA Department of Information Studies and the UCLA Chicano Studies Research are jointly seeking a tenure-track faculty member with a focus in the field of Chicano-Latino Information Studies. Applicants should send their curriculum vitae, statement of research interests, and three references to this address: Virginia Walter, Chair, UCLA Department of Information Studies, 2320 Moore Hall, Box 951521, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1521. For more information, contact Clara M. Chu, Chair of the Search Committee at cchu@ucla.edu or 310-206-9368.

CSRC Events This Month

New Film Series
Beginning in January 2004, the CSRC Library will show "8mm or 9mm? A Chicano/a Film Series" from noon to 1:00 pm. The series will feature an appearance by and the work of Harry Gamboa. Jr. Other screening will include works from the Chicano Secret Service and Chicano Punk Documentary, as well as student shorts. Check the CSRC Library for more information.
UC Latino Faculty and Administrators at UCLA
The center will host the UC Latino Faculty and Administrators Group on January 16, 2004, from 12:00-5:00 pm at the UCLA Faculty Center. This meeting will bring together about one hundred faculty and administrators from across the UC system in order to address a comprehensive set of issues impacting the ability of the UC to serve the Latino community. For more information, contact the front office.
Frontera Website Launch
The CSRC will officially launch the web site for the Strachwitz Frontera Collection of Mexican and Mexican American Recordings on Tuesday, February 3, 2004, 12:00-1:30 pm, in the CSRC Library. The Frontera Collection is the largest of its kind and represents an invaluable cultural resource for scholars, students, and the public. This center project-initiated by former director Guillermo Hernandez -is an ongoing collaboration of the Arhoolie Foundation, Los Tigres del Norte Foundation, the UCLA Music Library, and the UCLA Digital Library Program. To date, nearly 15,000 recordings between 1907 and 1954 have been digitized and placed on a web-based database. The project will include at least 30,000 recordings from this period. The launch will feature the project partners and will focus on the research and teaching uses of the web site. To RSVP, contact the front office.
Chicano Studies Scholars from Spain
The center will host a small group of Chicano studies scholars from Spain at UCLA on February 4, 2004. These university scholars represent a new and growing Chicano/a Literature Association in Spain and will be touring four UC campuses as part of an ongoing dialogue sponsored by the Del Amo Foundation and the UC Riverside Center for Ideas and Society. Those interested in meeting with the Spanish scholars, please contact CSRC Assistant Director Carlos M. Haro.

CSRC Library

Library Fund Now On-Line
In order to continue our development of a state-of-the-art library serving the community, we are asking for contributions to the CSRC Library Fund. Donations will be used for (1) acquiring new books and reference works, (2) expanding the special archival collection, including the Hunger Strike special collection, (3) supporting library exhibitions in Chicano studies, and (4) enhancing on-line and computer services. You can make donations to the CSRC Library Fund on-line at the CSRC home page (then click on the CSRC Library Fund) or go to UCLA Giving.
We Come to You!
The CSRC Library now offers Document Delivery.

CSRC Press

Latino Policy & Issues Brief No. 9
In California, over 4.6 million noncitizen adults (including 3.0 million Latinos) contribute to the state economy and government revenues but lack political representation. At least twelve cities have noncitizen adult majorities. In our new brief, "Political Apartheid in California: Consequences of Excluding a Growing Noncitizen Population," Joaquin Avila, an expert on minority voting rights issues and a visiting lecturer in the UCLA School of Law, examines the implications of such inequity for society. Read the brief on-line.
Subscribe Now
You won't want to miss the next issue of Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies! Subscribe now so that you can read about how two "legendary" male figures from the Chicano movement-Cesar Cha¡vez and Rudolfo "Corky" Gonzales-negotiated their images in media and politics, and how the post-revolutionary Mexican presence in Los Angeles exerted a profound influence on the emergence and consolidation of sound film in Hollywood. Several Spanish-language articles address transculturality at the San Diego-Tijuana border. Check out the provocative photography of Sandra de la Loza, who deconstructs the archetypal Mexican figure of "La Maria" on our cover, and the newly recovered files of the tech-illa network by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and Guillermo Gomez-Pena. Reviews address, among other texts, LA's downtown cathedral, interracial intimacy, and Chicano efforts in higher education.
E-mail your postal address to CSRC Press in order to receive a subscription package!
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Call for Interns
CSRC is sponsoring two or more internships with Valencia, Pérez & Echeveste (VPE) Public Relations, the country's largest Hispanic PR firm. The internships are for winter and spring quarters 2004. Learn media pitching, media database management, special event coordination, networking opportunities, administrative duties, and get paid, too. These are ideal positions for students wanting to gain hands-on experience in media and public relations serving the Latino community. VPE is looking for students in public relations, communications or journalism programs with strong writing and oral communications skills. Spanish preferred. Qualified candidates please submit resumes via fax to 626.403.1700 or email Kayleen Maya-Aviles.
IAC Research Grant Program in Chicano Studies
The Institute of American Cultures (IAC) in conjunction with the CSRC, announces the availability of small grants for support of research on Chicana/os. UCLA faculty, staff, graduate students, and IAC postdoctoral fellows/visiting scholars are eligible. Application forms can be obtained from the CSRC or the IAC Office, or on-line at the IAC website. The IAC particularly encourages proposals that will make a contribution to the CSRC. It also invites proposals on interethnic relations that will increase collaboration between the UCLA ethnic studies centers and/or between the centers and other campus units. Prior to submission of the research proposal, applicants are encouraged to contact the CSRC Assistant Director Carlos M. Haro to discuss their proposal. Applications must be received no later that 5:00 p.m., Friday, April 30, 2003. Awards will be announced beginning June.
CSRC Latino Research Program Grants
UCLA faculty members are invited to apply for research grants from the CSRC Latino Research Program (LRP). The program places an emphasis on applied and policy-oriented research and receives support through the University of California Committee on Latino Research. For more information, visit the website or contact CSRC Assistant Director Carlos M. Haro. In order to apply, use the IAC grant form and check the "Latino Policy Studies" box. To be considered for IAC and LRP funding, check both boxes. 
Scholars Program
The Barbara Jordan Health Policy Scholars Program is open to college seniors and recent graduates who are members of a racial/ethnic minority group. This program offers a unique opportunity to work in congressional offices in Washington, D.C. in fields related to health policy. Winners receive a stipend. Applications are due by January 30, 2004; go to their website for an application.
Opportunities for Students
The CSRC welcomes undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in Chicano studies to work as interns and volunteers in various areas of the center. We are currently looking for students in the following areas for Winter and Spring quarters: Library graduate interns (fees remission provided), Press research assistant to work on our Latino Policy & Issues Brief series, and Front Offic e student staff support. If interested, send an email to Carlos M. Haro.


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