CSRC Loans Films to Asco Screenings at South London Gallery

The South London Gallery will be holding a two-part screening program on April 3 and 10 to celebrate the artistic output of the Chicano arts collective Asco. The first program will feature documentary footage of the Chicano Moratorium interspersed with original material by Asco and their contemporaries. The second program explores individual works by some of Asco’s members in the punk music scene and presents these together with films that take a close look at the self-performative aspects of Chicano art. Jesse Lerner, a Los Angeles-based writer and filmmaker, helped curate the screenings, which are being shown in conjunction with the exhibition Glam! The Performance of Style at Tate Liverpool, which features some of Asco’s work. The program is attached. The CSRC loaned films from our Chicano Cinema & Media Arts Series for the gallery screenings as well materials to the Glam! exhibition.