Wayne Alaniz Healy
with Patricio Villagomez

Interviewed by Roberto Tejada



Oral Histories Series, Volume 19
May 2021

Topics: Wayne Healy: Childhood in Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles; high school and college education; career in aerospace; formation of Los Dos Streetscapers with David Botello; name change to East Los Streetscapers; studio spaces in downtown Los Angeles and Rosemead; Chicano mural movement; individual works by Healy; individual works by East Los Streetscapers; nature of public art, commissions, working with clients; screenprinting techniques; exhibitions, including Chicano Visions (traveling), Painters of Aztlán (Madrid), and workshops; collaborators, including José Alpuche, Paul Botello, Oscar Duardo, Ricardo Duffy, Alejandro de la Loza, Raudel de la Riva; other artists, including Carlos Almaraz, Judy Baca, Barbara Carrasco, Rafael Díaz, Margaret Garcia, Willie Herrón, Peter Shire, John Valadez; art centers, including Mechicano Art Center, Self Help Graphics & Art, Social and Pubic Art Resource Center; collectors and galleries, including Cheech Marin, Robert Berman, Patricia Correa, Jan Turner. Patricio Villagomez: career in aerospace; nature of public art and working with clients.