Linda Vallejo

Interviewed by Karen Mary Davalos

Oral Histories Series, Number 2
November 2013

Topics: Calmécac; Catholic school education; Chicano, Mexican, and Native American cultures; Chicano Art: Resistance and Affirmation; childhood in Germany and the United States; college education; commercial market for Chicano art; Day of the Dead; Dimensions of Realism; family background; Fiesta de Colores; Flores de Aztlán; Galería Otra Vez; grant writing; indigena movement; influence of European and American painters; Galería Las Américas; Goez Art Studios and Gallery; Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions; Mechicano Art Center; Royal Chicano Air Force; Self Help Graphics & Art; SPARC; Streetscapers; travel in the United States, Europe, and Mexico; teaching college classes; Teatro Campesino; Woman’s Building; working processes
104 pages.