Judy Baca

Interviewed by Karen Mary Davalos

Oral Histories Series, Number 14
April 2014

This oral history is currently being updated.

Topics: Art education; Catholic education; CETA; Chicano Art: Resistance and Affirmation; childhood in Los Angeles; Citywide Mural Project; college education; community collaborations; developing and executing murals; East Los Streetscapers; East Side Murals; family background; federal funding; feminism; Goez Art Studios and Gallery; Great Wall of Los Angeles; international collaborations; LA Fine Arts Squad; Mechicano Art Center; Neighborhood Pride Project; politics and art; Project HEAVY; projects for city of Los Angeles; projects in Latin America; SPARC; Taller Siqueiros; teaching and residencies; Las Vistas Nuevas; Woman's Building; work with gang members; World Wall; World War II