John Valadez

Interviewed by Karen Mary Davalos

Oral Histories Series, Number 10
December 2013

Topics: Art of the Other Mexico; Centro de Arte Público; Centro de la Raza; Chicano Liberation Front; Chicano Visions; Citywide Mural Project; Community Redevelopment Agency; commercial market for Chicano art; CSLB art department; ELAC theater, Chicano studies departments; Chismearte; family background; growing up in East LA; high school education; Hispanic Art in the United States; LA collectors; LA galleries; Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions; Los Four; MEChA; Mechicano Art Center; mural development and execution; Nosotros; Pintores de Aztlán; Self Help Graphics & Art; Streetscapers; teaching in college; teatro, Teatro Campesino; travel in Europe; Victor Clothing Company murals; work as graphic artist; work for UFW; work in Mexico
166 pages.