Run, Tecato, Run
with bonus short La Onda Chicana

Written and directed by Efraín Gutiérrez
Produced by Josephine Faz

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Chicano Cinema and Media Art Series, Volume 10
May 2018. Originally released January 1979.
86 minutes


Run, Tecato, Run (Run, Junkie, Run) depicts a junkie's efforts to break his heroin habit in order to reclaim and raise his daughter. Produced for $60,000, the film explores the connections between the Vietnam War, drug addiction, and crime and juxtaposes them to Mexican-American family, culture, and spirituality. It stars Efraín Gutiérrez, Arturo Castillo, and Josie Gutiérrez (Josephine Faz).

Run, Tecato, Run is the last of three low-budget social-problem films that Gutiérrez released in the 1970s. Please, Don't Bury Me Alive!/Por Favor, No Me Entierren Vivo! (1976), his first film and the first Chicano feature produced, was followed by Chicano Love Is Forever/Amor Chicano Es para Siempre (1977).

Bonus short: Gutiérrez's La Onda Chicana (18 minutes, 35 seconds, color) captures the sound and feel of 1970s Chicano/Tejano music. The film, shot in Port Lavaca, Texas, in 1976, showcases some of the leading bands of the time, including Little Joe y La Familia, Snowball and Company, Los Chachos, and La Fabrica.

Efraín Gutiérrez is a self-taught San Antonio filmmaker. His grassroots production and distribution strategies allowed his films to outperform Hollywood releases in several cities, inspiring filmmakers in Mexico who focused on U.S.-Spanish-language theaters and Chicano filmmakers working on English-language independent features.