No Movie
A Journey Through the Archives of a Man Named Gronk
Directed and produced by Steven La Ponsie
Narrated by Gronk
No longer available through the CSRC.


Chicano Cinema and Media Art Series, Volume 5
April 2007
71 minutes

Drawing from Gronk’s extensive personal archive of photos and drawings, and narrated by the artist himself, No Movie takes viewers on a journey through a diverse and prolific artistic career.
No Movie begins with Gronk’s participation in the conceptual art group Asco, documents his collaborations with Jerry Dreva, Tomata du Plenty, James Bucalo, and others, then continues to more recent installation paintings and the acclaimed set design for the Santa Fe Opera’s production of Ainadamar.
The film offers an intimate portrait of a unique, multi-faceted artist who has worked across the boundaries of punk art, mail art, Chicano art, performance art, and gallery painting, defying categories and challenging convention in the process.

Since 1980, Steven La Ponsie has been creating works in various media (video, music, painting, set design, and photography) that examine the social and physical implications of the urban experience. He is also an editor of film and television.