Laura Aguilar
Life, the Body, Her Perspective


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Chicano Cinema and Media Art Series, Volume 8
September 2009
190 minutes


For nearly three decades Laura Aguilar has used photography as a tool to speak about people and issues not considered part of the cultural mainstream. Laura Aguilar: Life, the Body, Her Perspective presents personal video essays by the artist, a lecture she gave at UCLA in 2005 that describes her life as a photographer, plus an interview and documentary filmed by Michael Stone. A comprehensive series of slide shows features works from her extensive oeuvre, including Family and Friends, In Sandy’s Room, and Clothed/Unclothed. A bonus CD contains a PowerPoint survey that enables students and educators to study individual images, facilitating discussion of Aguilar’s groundbreaking art.

Michael Stone is a graduate of Columbia University film school. His short films have been seen on Bravo and IFC. He currently supervises projects, including the Chicano Cinema and Media Art series, for the Chicano Studies Research Center.