Harry Gamboa Jr.
1980s Video Art
Written and directed by Harry Gamboa Jr.

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Chicano Cinema and Media Art Series, Volume 2
July 2004
112 minutes

Imperfecto. The search for the truth takes a man through the abyss of urban falsehoods where he encounters those who would follow him to the nearest social exit. 1983. 3/4 in. video. Color. 34:00.
Insultan. A rude awakening for a man who battles the world on his way to a permanent deep sleep. 1983. 3/4 in. video. Color. 24:17.
Vaporz. A couple disengage in silent boredom. 1984. 3/4 in. video. Color. 7:40. In English, Spanish, and Caló.
Blanx. A possessive relationship results in passive/aggressive rejection and destruction. (In memory of Lorraine Ordaz.) 1984. 3/4 in. video. Black and White. 7:44. Recently shown in the LOS ANGELES exhibit in Paris.
Baby Kake. Marie Antoinette offers to baby sit a difficult child while a single mother tries to regain her happiness and identity. 1984. 3/4 in. video. Color. 6:02.
Agent X. Spies have too many eyes looking out where they don't belong. 1984. 3/4 in. video. Color. 4:47.
No Supper. The Chicano nuclear family dines on angst, cold cuts, and fishy propositions. 1987. 3/4 in. video. Color. 28:00.
Harry Gamboa Jr. is an internationally recognized writer and visual artist.
"Gamboa enjoys taking a serious situation and pumping it up into melodrama and absurdity."
— Educational Media Reviews Online (April 2006)
"Gamboa's Early Video Art is recommended for libraries that collect intensively in the areas of Latino artists or video art."
— Educational Media Reviews Online (April 2006)