UCLA Faculty Diversity Initiative

In 2003, the four ethnic studies research centers at UCLA - the American Indian Studies Center, Asian American Studies Center, Chicano Studies Research Center, and the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies - proposed a new initiative that will make UCLA the preeminent university in the nation with respect to ethnic studies scholarship, community-based research and public service in underserved communities, and faculty diversity. Formal discussions concerning the initiative continued through 2005. Despite the state budget crisis at that time and currently, there exists a unique opportunity to expand ethnic studies research capacity, diversify the university curriculum, and increase employment for faculty of color. These steps are crucial if UCLA is to fulfill its public mission and to keep step with the significant demographic changes taking place in California. The proposal remains open for consideration.

Important documents associated with the Faculty Diversity Initiative:


2003 Press Coverage

Daily Bruin (News): "Initiative Calls for More Diverse Faculty" (February 17, 2003)

Daily Bruin (Opinion): "Despite Cuts in Budget, Diversity Should Be UC's Goal" (February 17, 2003)

Daily Bruin (News): "Proposal Endorses Faculty Diversity" (February 18, 2003)

Los Angeles Times (News): "UCLA Officials Seek Boost for Ethnic Studies" (February 19, 2003)

2004 Meetings and Documents
Edited transcript of a town hall meeting one year after the presentation of the proposal (February 13, 2004)