CSRC Fellows & Visiting Scholars 2002-2003

Every year the CSRC hosts visiting scholars. During 2002-03, the center had one postdoctoral fellow, and one predoctoral fellow.

IAC Postdoctoral Fellow

Jose Alamillo, PhD, Social Science (Comparative Culture), UC Irvine
Project: "Trabajando and Festejando: The Politics of Labor and Leisure in a California Citrus Town, 1880-1950"

IAC Predoctoral/Graduate Fellow

Felipe Lopez, PhD candidate, Department of Urban Planning, UCLA
Project: "Oaxacan Migration and Social Organizations in Oaxaca and Los Angeles"

UCCLR Latino Policy Studies (SCR-43) Associates

For more information on this program, click here.
David Lopez, Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology, UCLA
Project: "Latino Diversity in California"
Raymond Rocco, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, UCLA
Project: "Formation of Latino Communities in Los Angeles"
Daniel Solorzano, Professor, UCLA Graduate School of Education and Director of UC/ACCORD
Project: "The Los Angeles Education Project"
Edward Telles, Professor, Department of Sociology, UCLA
Vilma Ortiz, Professor, Department of Sociology, UCLA
Project: "The Mexican American People: A Generation Later"
Abel Valenzuela Jr., Professor and Chair, Cesar E. Chavez Department of Chicana/o Studies, UCLA
Project: "Day Laborer Project"