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Chon A. Noriega, PhD
Professor, Film, Television and Digital Media

Image: Gronk, Untitled Notebook Drawings, 2000

Marissa K. López, PhD
Associate Professor, English
Associate Director

Image: Dora De Larios, Queen, early 1960s

Alex Ortega, PhD
Professor, Health Policy and Management
Associate Director

Image: Richard Duardo, Punk Prom, 1980


Administrative Staff

Connie Heskett
Management Services Officer

Image: Judithe Hernández, Reina de Primavera, 1976

Rebecca Epstein, PhD
Communications and Academic Programs Officer

Image: Oscar Castillo, Mechicano Art Center Mural at Echo Park Lake, 1970s

Darling Sianez
Administrative Assistant

Image: Roberto Chavez, The Group Shoe, 1962

Press Staff

Rebecca Frazier, MME
Senior Editor

Image: Oscar Castillo, '47 Chevy in Wilmington, California, 1972

Karrmen Crey, C.Phil
Assistant Editor

Image: Gilbert "Magu" Sánchez Luján, Aztlan Rifa, 1977

Library Staff

Michael R. Stone, MFA
Archives Manager

Image: Leonard Castellanos, RIFA, 1972

Christopher Anthony Velasco
Digital/Photographic Support

Image: Hernando G. Villa, The Chief, 1930


Research Project Staff

Carlos M. Haro, PhD
Project Coordinator

Image: Elsa Flores, Aztec Wrestler, 1980



  Agustin Gurza
  Frontera Collection Website Writer and Editor