Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies

aztlan 40.2

Volume 40, Number 2
Fall 2015
The Fall 2015 issue of Aztlán features essays on the racialized identities of Chinese and Mexican immigrant laborers in the early twentieth century, the political significance of corridos from southeastern Texas, the political imaginary of Asco, and the publications of the grassroots organization La Alianza Federal de Mercedes. The dossier section presents the first of two sets of essays on the rich and dynamic field of Chican@ and Latin@ speculative arts. The second set of essays will be published in the Spring 2016 issue.
The art and writings of Maceo Montoya are presented in the artist’s communiqué.
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The Spring 2015 issue (Volume 40, Number 1) of Aztlán featured a dossier section on the field of Chicana/o art history, with downloadable class syllabi located below.
To preview "Formation of a Latino Grassroots Movement The Association of Latin American Gardeners of Los Angeles Challenges City Hall," an article by Alvaro Huerta and Alfonso Morales in Volume 39, Number 2, click here.
To preview "Toward a Mariposa Consciousness: Reimagining Queer Chicano and Latino Identities," an article by Daniel Enrique Pérez in Volume 39, Number 2, click here.
To preview "Make 'Em All Mexican" by Linda Vallejo, the Artist's Communiqué in Volume 39, Number 2, click here.
To preview "Jotería Studies," the Dossier in Volume 39, Number 1, click here.
To preview "The Necessary Theater of the Royal Chicano Air Force" by Ella Maria Diaz, an article in Volume 38, Number 2, click here.
To preview "An Interview with Ramon Ramirez" by José L. S. Gámez, the Artist’s Communiqué in Volume 38, Number 2, click here.