Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies

Volume 40, Number 1
Spring 2015

The essay section of the Spring 2015 issue of Aztlán opens with a fresh take on José Antonio Villareal’s Pocho that argues for a queer rereading of the novel. The other essays in this issue offer a decoding of the Latino characters in the hit television series Breaking Bad, an analysis of the value of work in the context of community gardens, and an ethnography of Latino youth activists who are using counter-spectacle to challenge mainstream conceptions about undocumented immigrants.

The evolution of the field of Chicano art history since 1990 is the theme of the dossier section, which is curated by UCLA professor Charlene Villaseñor Black. Essays range from discussions of the field’s growth and obstacles that continue to limit its recognition to descriptions of course content and instructional strategies. The dossier offers an online bonus: a selection of syllabi for courses in Chicana/o art history that can serve as instructional models (see PDF in "Related Materials" below). Education is also the theme of the editor’s commentary; here Chon A. Noriega’s musings about a prominent inscription in UCLA’s Royce Hall traverse Galton’s hierarchy of races, California’s sterilization laws, and the university’s enrollment of “underrepresented minorities.”

The artwork of Tlisza Jaurique is featured on the cover and in the artist’s communiqué.

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To preview "Formation of a Latino Grassroots Movement The Association of Latin American Gardeners of Los Angeles Challenges City Hall," an article by Alvaro Huerta and Alfonso Morales in Volume 39, Number 2, click here.
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