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Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies

Volume 39, Number 1
Spring 2014

The essay section of the Spring 2014 issue opens with an examination of the international debate sparked by the Mexican postal service’s release of a stamp series featuring a racial caricature. The following essays consider the representation of immigration statistics in Arizona’s highest-circulating conservative newspaper, the colloquial and official terminology associated with clandestine migration between Mexico and the United States, and the representation of rasquache camp in novels by John Rechy and Felicia Luna Lemus.

Jotería studies is the focus of the dossier section. Twelve essays explore the evolving field from an interdisciplinary perspective. VIVA, an organization founded to promote gay and lesbian Latina/o artists, is the subject of the editor’s commentary. The artist’s communiqué features the work of Bernardo Diaz. 

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