Spotlight: Immigration Rights Research

Since its founding in 1969, the CSRC has supported research on immigration, including the legal rights of undocumented immigrants. The CSRC's Tamar Diana Wilson Fund has been especially valuable in this regard, supporting research projects on urban poverty and poverty alleviation as they apply to Latinos and Mexican and Central American indigenous populations in the U.S. and their home countries.
In the context of current news and debates concerning undocumented minors from Central America, the CSRC is making available research and resources on this topic:


The following select essays from Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies are now available for downloading as PDFs:
Blake Howell, María Pabón López (Book Review), "Undocumented Immigrants and Higher Education: Si Se Puede! by Alejandra Rincón" (Vol. 36, No. 2, Fall 2011) (PDF)
René Galindo, "Repartitioning the National Community: Political Visibility and Voice for Undocumented Immigrants in the Spring 2006 Immigration Rights Marches" (Vol. 35, No. 2, Fall 2010) (PDF)
Pablo A. Ramirez, "Toward a Borderlands Ethics: The Undocumented Migrant and Haunted Communities in Contemporary Chicana/o Fiction" (Vol. 35, No. 1, Spring 2010) (PDF)
Tamar Diana Wilson, "Anti- and Pro-Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Labeling Theory Revisted" (Vol. 34, No. 2, Fall 2009) (PDF)
Jorge A. Bustamante, "The Historical Context of Undocumented Mexican Immigration to the United States" (Vol. 3, No. 2, Fall 1972) (PDF)
The following policy briefs published by the CSRC Press are also available for downloading:
Nancy Guarneros, Cyndi Bendezo, Lindsay Perez Huber, Veronica N. Velez, and Daniel G. Solorzano, "Still Dreaming: Legislation and Legal Decisions Affecting Undocumented AB 540 Students" (Latino Policy and Issues Brief, Number 23, May 2009) (PDF)
Chon A. Noriega and Francisco Javier Iribarren, "Hate Speech on Commercial Talk Radio: Preliminary Report on a Pilot Study," (Latino Policy and Issues Brief, Number 22, February 2009) (PDF)
Donald E. Morisky, Astou Coly, and Michael Kim, "Successful Tuberculosis Prevention in Foreign-Born Adolescents," (Latino Policy and Issues Brief, Number 10, December 2004) (PDF)
Joaquin Avila, Esq., "Political Apartheid in California: Consequences of Excluding a Growing Noncitizen Population" (Latino Policy and Issues Brief, Number 9, December 2003) (PDF)
Lisa Catanzarite, "Wage Penalties in Brown-Collar Occupations" (Latino Policy and Issues Brief, Number 8, September 2003) (PDF)


The CSRC hour-long documentary Casa Libre/Freedom House focuses on the Los Angeles–based organization Casa Libre/Freedom House and its efforts to assist unaccompanied and undocumented immigrant minors in Los Angeles. This film presents the remarkable life stories of several young immigrants who find shelter and community at Casa Libre. Casa Libre is a model program that gives them the opportunity to learn valuable skills, pursue their education, and obtain legal protection. Directed by Roberto S. Oregel. Produced by Chon A. Noriega and Peter Schey.

Watch the entire film on YouTube here.