Oxnard Thriving Youth Survey

Organizers at the Oxnard Youth Survey launch event, February 6, 2023

Video of Oxnard Youth Survey launch event: https://youtu.be/1o-fa87HeKU

Today’s adolescents are coming of age during an era of significant economic, social, and health inequalities. These social disparities were laid bare during the COVID-19 pandemic, as young people from lower socioeconomic, Latinx, and immigrant backgrounds disproportionately experienced disruptions to their learning because their families endured sicknesses; job, housing, and food insecurity; and mental health challenges. Given this context, a significant proportion of the young population in the City of Oxnard, California, faces an uncertain future, as nearly two-thirds of its public high school students come from low-income backgrounds (as measured by free and reduced eligibility). Four-year college access and completion rates were low for these youth prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and analysts predict that upward educational mobility for young people from humble origins will further diminish as the United States recovers from the pandemic. 
The multi-method, community engaged study will investigate the social conditions that shape the educational trajectories and employment prospects of Oxnard youth, with a focus on those whose families work in agricultural and other low-wage industries. Because extracurricular activities can enhance youths’ skills, network building, leadership capacities, and civic commitments, this study will also examine how young people are spending their time outside of school and work. Furthermore, youths’ health and well-being will be taken into consideration, given the devastating effects of COVID-19. This research will be sensitive to the possibility that some youth and their families might be subject to significant immigration-related burdens.
The survey will inform health, education, labor, and civic interventions that will help Oxnard young residents thrive and contribute to the future of their community. The survey will be conducted through the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center (CSRC), in partnership with the City of Oxnard, Oxnard College, CLINICAS, MICOP, CAUSE and Future Leaders of America (FLA).  The UCLA Labor Center and Latina Futures, 2050 Lab will also provide technical assistance and research support.
In the coming months, we’ll keep the city appraised with our efforts and outcomes.
The Oxnard Thriving Youth Survey is an extension of California Freedom Summer participatory-action research project at the CSRC.
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