Research Funding & Internships

The CSRC provides research grants to students and faculty as well as undergraduate summer internships to foster learning and scholarship pertaining to the Chicano-Latino community.

IAC Visiting Scholar and Visiting Researcher Program

As one of the members of the Institute of American Cultures (IAC), the CSRC participates in the annual cooperative IAC research grant and fellowship program. The IAC is responsible for strengthening and coordinating interdisciplinary research and instruction in ethnic studies with special attention to the four UCLA Ethnic Studies Research Centers, including the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center. Detailed information on the IAC Grants Program and Fellowship support is available at the IAC homepage.

IAC Visiting Scholars/Researchers receive up to a 9-month academic-year stipend of $32,000 to $35,000 (contingent upon rank, experience, and date of completion of their terminal degree) and will receive health benefits. For Visiting Scholars, these funds could be used to supplement sabbatical support for a total that does not exceed the candidate’s current institutional salary. Visiting Scholars will be paid through their home institutions and will be expected to continue their health benefits through that source as well; Visiting Researchers were paid directly by UCLA. All awardees received up to $4,000 in research support (through reimbursements of research expenses), $1,000 of which may be applied toward relocation expenses. In the event that an award is for less than the 9-month appointment, the stipend will be prorated in accordance with the actual length of the award.

More information and the application are available here.

IAC Research Grant Program for UCLA Faculty and Graduate Students

The Chicano Studies Research Center is also able to offer two student research awards of $2500 from the Tamar Diana Wilson Fund. These awards are used to conduct original research projects in the United States, Mexico and Central America on urban poverty and poverty alleviation as they apply to Latinos and Mexican and Central American indigenous populations.

The Research Grant Program is on a reimbursement basis only and is exclusively for UCLA faculty, students, and staff. IAC visiting researchers and scholars may also receive grant funds. Ordinarily, faculty projects will be funded for no more than $10,000 and graduate student projects for no more than $7,000. Funds for the purchase of permanent equipment will be provided only under exceptional circumstances. Conference travel, whether the applicant is presenting or attending, is ineligible.

More information and application forms are available here.

Additional Funding Sources

Each year the CSRC is able to augment grants and fellowships through funds created specifically for research at the CSRC. These include Los Tigres del Norte Fund, the Tamar Diana Wilson Fund, and the Carlos M. Haro Scholarship Fund.

CSRC Getty Undergraduate Summer Arts Internship

Each year, the CSRC seeks to fund summer internships through the Getty Foundation's Multicultural Undergraduate Internship (MUI) Program. The goal of the MUI Program is to increase the participation of African Americans, Asians, Latinos, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders in professions related to museums and the visual arts. Responsibilities of Getty student interns in the past have included working on CSRC archival collections, upcoming exhibitions, and assisting with CSRC Press publications. If you are interested in applying for future CSRC Getty MUI internships, please contact the CSRC or visit the Getty's website.
If you are a Work Study student interested in working at the CSRC, please email Connie Heskett, MSO, or call (310) 794-9167. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit the Volunteer page.