LGBT and Mujeres Initiative Oral Histories

The interviewees in this series talk about their upbringing and education and their careers as pioneering Chicana/os. Their stories explore the intersection of gender and ethnic identies and enrich the history of Chicana/os in the performing arts. 
Dan Guerrero (PDF)
Interviewed by Carolina A. Miranda
Topics: childhood in 1950s East Los Angeles, best friend Carlos Almaraz, father Lalo Guerrero; New York performer and Broadway theatrical agent; Hollywood television producer, solo autobiographical play ¡Gaytino!; Chicano/Latino and LGBT activist; Frank Romero; Zoot Suit.

Monica Palacios (PDF)
Interviewed by Karen Mary Davalos
Topics: Culture Clash; education in Catholic school; growing up in San Jose; Latino Theatre Initiative; screenwriting projects; stand-up comedy; teaching in public school and college; work in theater; VIVA